Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Rejection Show: Rejected

As you know, NPR is a great source for your reading life. I listen to Terry Gross, The Sound of Young America, and This American Life regularly. I can't say daily- but I do subscribe to their podcasts- so that I don't have to miss a show! On TSOYA- I heard an interview with Jon Friedman- a writer for the Jimmy Fallon show. He has written a book, Rejected. It is a collection of stories about rejection, rejecting others and material that has been "rejected" out in the world.

Another interview with Jon.

Jon, is a comedian. He started a show, that is now held monthly at the UCB in Chelsea (NYC). He, along with a set of other friends- get 10 minutes to 'perform' or discuss, or just share a story (sometimes more than one) about their own experiences with rejection. Some people come and share about being rejected in "Hollywood"- others talk about rejection in their own personal lives. Rejection comes in many forms and this show tries to open the door to it all. Now it does sound depressing as I am writing this, but last night- trust me - when I saw the show, I was rolling in laughter.

If you are in NYC- check out the show! It's only 5 bucks and it is an entertaining hour. Get the book- I am. Kristi, a loyal member of the ABC, read it and guess what? That's right- she's passing it along.

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