Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer is Coming

I am beginning to plan my summer reading life. Collecting ideas from friends and starting to gather up books to take with me as I travel the country, go to visit my family in Canada and hopefully take a fantastic vacation abroad!

My first set of recommendations for the summer came from my friend Mary. She suggested, Anglo Files and The Solitude of Prime Numbers. Last summer I took Mary's suggestions as well and she is always 'right on' with her best picks! She is one of the most prolific readers I know- usually a book a night!

So I got these two- all ready for this weekend- just in case I finish my book early. June begins summer!

Stay tuned in. I will be sharing my summer reading list as I collect the texts to read! Enjoy your own reading life this summer. Post your favorite books or wish list for reading below so that we all can add to ours!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What I am Currently Reading

I have been totally engrossed with the books and articles by David Foster Wallace. I love his essays in Consider the Lobster and his book, Infinite Jest.

I am currently reading a series of interviews that David Lipsky wrote traveling with DFW on his book tour around the country. It is really interesting to hear about his life, his thought and writing process. He was a brilliant writer and his ideas and words are sadly missed. It's not an easy read, knowing about what happened shortly after the series of interviews.

If you have never read anything by him, run out and buy one of his books or read one of his Harper's articles online.