Saturday, March 24, 2012

Go to a Reading!

I have been going to the Happy Ending Reading Series.
It is wonderful to attend once a month because
a. I love the readings and music.
b. I get great new books to read to enjoy.
c. I am exposed to things I wouldn't normally read or pick up on my own.

Here are a few of the latest authors that have come by who I have greatly enjoyed:
Heidi Julavits- Absolutely hilarious! The Uses of Enchantment
Hari Kunzru- Gods without Men
Elissa Schappell- Blueprints for Building Better Girls

If you are ever in town, go to the series at Joe's Pub.
It is a good time.
Hope you enjoy the reads as well.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is Here

Welcome spring!

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Welcome Back!

I am going to try and catch you all up slowly on my reading life.
I will start with this initial post and hopefully will have more to come!
I will start with my kindle and some of the things that I have been reading to help me think about
school and work and raising kids!

This past year I have read:

Drive by Daniel Pink

Nurture Shock By Po Bronson

Enhancing Professional Practice By Charlotte Danielson

Change Leader By Michael Fullan

I think out of all of them, Drive was my favorite, although Change Leader is my runner up!