Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Adding Julie Powell's Book to My Wish List

I went to a book reading: Julie Powell at Word (a little book shop in Greenpoint Brooklyn). Powell's blog, Julie/Julia Project, was an amazing idea. I mean, I don't cook and actually don't really get any pleasure in cooking. I do understand those who do and appreciate greatly the fruits of their labor. Not enjoying running, didn't stop me from enjoying, Born To Run. Not enjoying cooking, didn't stop me from enjoying, Julie and Julia. While I am not the biggest fan of the movie (even though Streep just won the Global Globe! Good for her!) - I found the blog absolutely fascinating.

When I saw she was giving a reading for her new book, Cleaving, I was intrigued. I haven't read it, but now I have the inside scoop. It definitely will become a must read this year! Readings do that- they turn you on to new books. She talked about the difficulties in her marriage and love life, with much love, affection and kindness-especially for her husband Eric. She has gotten a lot of heat for the topic of this book- seeing as that it has infidelity in it- by a woman. She was reflective and honest at her reading- so too, I am assuming, is the book.

When a reporter asked Amy Adams what she thought about the affair that Powell wrote about in her new personal narrative, Adams said something to the effect- My Julia would never had done that. Powell took the comment in stride. And while at first she admits it struck her as odd and even got her pissed- later she reflected and said that it actually was kind of sweet of Amy. To embrace the character. To defend the character. Still odd- she actually never really knew the character.

Powell has a new blog! It too, is filled with great little quick quips! Powell is funny (she curses a lot)! Powell is creative (love her metaphors)! Her books make a good read. I'm adding this one to my- next read, on my bookshelf wish list! Looking forward to the read!

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