Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Accidental Book Club's Second Book: The Imposter's Daughter

My friend, Amanda Stern, from college, recommended a book that her friend wrote, The Imposter's Daughter By Laurie Sandell. I have rule, if your friend writes a book, you have to promote it to your friends. If a friend of mine is trying to rally a readership for one of their friend's books- the rule still stands- support!

I bought the book and read it in one day. It was my second- graphic novel- memoir. Persepolis was my first. Sandell's book, about learning that her father was not the man she had thought he was, is a gripping and moving story.

Sandell gave a reading at Amanda's monthly event that she holds at Joe's Pub called, The Happy Ending Reading Series. The ABC attended the reading in high numbers and the show that night did not disappoint. Laurie read from her book and as her "risk" she read her college entrance essay. This is how the next circuluation of the book club began. I think we got 12 people to read it this time.

Laurie also has a great blog that she usually writes in daily. It's a great blog, you should follow her on it! It's a great book, you should buy it and read it- my ABC did- and we loved it!

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