Monday, June 28, 2010


I love K'naan.

He is a Somali Rapper, living in Canada! His lyrics and spirit is all about reaching and speaking to others about his personal experiences to inspire the best in people. His music is political and personal- a kind a memoir in music! His song, Wavin' Flag is one of the "World Cup" songs for the games.

There have been some wonderful coverage of K'naan, including this interview with NPR.

I just gave it to my brother and sister in law as one of their house warming presents! It will be my summer 'gift' to people!

Add it to your reading/listening list- download it onto your ipods. Happy summer everyone.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Moth

Are you listening to The Moth? The Moth is a wonderful 'show' as well as podcast you can subscribe to. Last year I went to their annual celebration show where I heard Jessi Klein, who told the most hilarious story about going to her sister's wedding... at Disney World. It is the funniest ever!

Malcolm Gladwell told quite a story. As I was listening to the story, I laughed out loud several times, but found myself cringing with that "no you didn't" feeling inside. It is such an outrageous story about how he lost his best friend.

Sarah Jones was there too. Yes it was an all star cast that night. She told an amazing story about how she got Bridge and Tunnel off the ground, by rejecting a TV show at MTV. Really inspiring. They just recently replayed her story.

If you haven't been listening to The Moth, do so now! Try and catch a live show as well. They are wonderful!