Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Accidental Book Club

An 'aaccidental book club' is one that has no meetings, no formal book talks, and no arguments about what to read.

Our ABC started when our friends Molly and Sarah took me to see The Moth . Sara Barron was hosting the night. She was hilarious. We were laughing the entire evening. At the end of the night, Sarah, who had finished reading People are Unappealing By Sara Barron, was anxiously waiting afterwards to get her book signed. Molly had her copy too, but was too shy to ask herself for an autograph! I told Molly I needed to read it after her.

So started the line of friends. We must of circulated a couple of copies of that book between 8 or 9 of us. And so the impromptu book club conversation began. Everyone we gifted it to- laughed out loud while reading it and fell in love with the book.

This Thursday, at the cool hip bookstore in Greenpoint Brooklyn- Word , Sara will be doing a reading! You can also catch her hosting The Moth event around NYC! It's a great read! She is quite a character!

Good luck on starting your own ABC! If you are having trouble starting- pick up SB's book and pass it along to your BFFs! Post your favorite episodes from her book.

If you have an ABC, post some of the latest titles you all have passed around.

Enjoy! Happy reading to you!

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