Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finding Balance Through Books

I really enjoy Sunday mornings. Sunday at 1000 is the time of my favorite yoga instructor's class. Ruth Lauer Manenti gives one of the best yoga classes ever. My friend Sasha was asking me what makes her classes so wonderful. Is it the workout? Yes, you sweat, build muscles, and get a good vascular workout. Most classes are above my level and I have a difficult time keeping up.

Is it her skill of teaching? Yes, she gives clear instructions and is easy to follow her steps and demonstrations.

But for me, the best part of class comes before all of this. It is the dharma talk she gives at the beginning of class. This is what sets her classes apart from all others. She is able to tell a story that reaches you and helps you to reflect on your life. They are not self righteous stories nor are they meant to make you feel bad. Instead they are stories that are personal and reflective and inspire you to do the same as you listen.

Last year she finally published her first book. She recorded many of her talks and selected her best ones to put together a book with a series dharma talks. Read An Offering of Leaves and get inspired! Take her class! You will be mesmerized and transformed.

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