Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reading On A Transcontinental Flight

Yesterday I flew into Seattle and needed something light to read on the plane. I didn't have much time to read because I needed to do some work and take a quick little nap. I needed something short and entertaining.

The last time I flew to Seattle my friend, Julia, gave me The Guernesy Literary Potato Peel Pie Society to read. I devoured it on the plane on the first half of the trip! What a read! I really enjoyed- the history and of course the beautiful love story. It was a quick, easy to read on the plane – that was just as entertaining as watching a movie.

Luckily this time I had People and Us Weekly! I have to say that I do love me some celebrity reading. I reserve most of it for plane trips. My friend Barb says that she is going to Guest Blog about her reading life about reality TV! I can't wait. Bring it B!

In this week’s issues a few things stand out to me that I would like to comment on

#1 Why are we still obsessed with Jen’s divorce of Brad- GET OVER IT! Already!

#2 What is so interesting and fascinating about the Kardashians? Please explain.

#3 I’m heart broken to hear about Corinne Bailey Rae's loss of her husband. How incredibly sad. I am so happy that she has made a new album. Writing really can be a life saver.

#4 Haiti

#5 I know why I don’t like Kate Gosselin.

#6 I am a huge fan of Drew Barrymore. Glad she won for Grey gardens, but I loved, loved Whip It! I also love that she is still dating the apple computer man, Justin Long!

#7 The two Kates and Halle always look amazing! I love the red dresses on Cameron and Beyonce. And Rachel McAdams definitely looks great in her black lace dress.

#8 Looking forward to Damages Season 3.

#9 Notes From the Cracked Ceiling looks appealing, a "might read".

#10 About the Conan scandal, I say "Go Conan!" (even though I have never watched a full episode of either of his shows.

#11 I think that US weekly this week actually provided more information than People this week!

Enjoy your travels! Enjoy your celebrities! Happy reading to you!

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  1. When you travel with friends, you can think across texts using US Weekly, OK Magazine, and Star, like a book club might do. Trust me - it's fascinating - and fun!