Monday, January 31, 2011


Quart: Not enough milk.  
Gallon: Too much milk.  
Teaspoon: An unsatisfying bite of ice cream. 
Tablespoon: Brain freeze.  
Pint: The amount of ice cream eaten in one sitting that guarantees shame.  
Pound: 1/10th of the reason you have an unused gym membership.  
Mile: The maximum distance gym teachers can force out of shape teenagers to run  
without being charged with reckless endangerment.  
Kilometer: A mile in Europe. 
Meter: About a yard. 
 Yard: About a meter.  100 yards: The distance a jock thinks he can throw a Nerf football.  
Acre: The area in front of a barn.  
Foot: The average length by which you miss an elevator.  
Inch: Three smart phones stacked on top of each other.  
Centimeter: The smallest measurement visible to the human eye.  
Millimeter: The width of an atom.  
Minute: The amount of time you must listen to your cell phone ring before it  goes 
to voicemail if you don't want the caller to know you're avoiding their  call.  
Hour: The length of time you incorrectly believe it will take to run a few  errands while using metered parking.  
Day: The time it takes to prepare before doing something you don't want to.  
Month: The time it takes to become tired of a popular song.  
Year: The time it takes radio to become tired of a popular song.  
Decade: The time it takes for the popular song to become an ironic reference. 
Light year: The time it takes light to travel a year.  
Dollar: The gratitude you're expected to show a bartender for opening a beer  bottle.  
Hour of work: At least 1/7th the worth of having a beer opened for you.  
Watt: The power dissipated when a current of 1 ampere flows across a difference  in potential of 1 volt.  
Kilowatt: The power dissipated when your brain attempts to understand a watt.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Suheir Hammad's: Born Palestian Born Black

Suheir Hammad, one of my favorite poet's, a new edition of her first book of poetry out. For years it has been out of print and impossible to find! Lucky us, now we have a chance to read and own this amazing collection of poetry.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sarah Jones at the Nuyorican

SJ was amazing last night at the nuyorican. It is a really cool improv that she is doing- an experiment she calls it. some old characters and some new- SJ presents an array of characters that are having a dialog and q and a session with the audience. Not only does she present a diverse set of personalities and characters but she unravels a world view that is honest, humorous, and that resonates with all.

Seriously, don't miss it!
20 bucks!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sarah Jones Performs in NYC

Now is your chance to see Sarah Jones live, and up close. Sarah Jones is the author and performer of Bridges and Tunnel! An amazing show that won numerous awards about 6 years ago-ish. Now she has written new material and is performing at the Nuyorican Cafe, where she got her start, the month of January and February.

She will also be performing at Joe's Pub- at a special edition of The Happy Ending Reading Series on January 31st.

Both performances would say are not to be missed!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Edwidge Danticat Will Be at Symphony Space

On January 26, Symphony Space is having a book reading from the selected short stories form Haiti Noir- a collection of stories that Edwidge Danticat has put together.

My sister and I agree, Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist At Work, is one of the best books written in 2010.

If you have a chance to attend the reading, it will prove to certainly be a moving one. If not, begin to read her work. It is moving, honest, and educational.

On our facebook page, we have posted many articles from Edwidge Danticat and certainly other people writing about Haiti, especially a year after the devastating earthquake that shook the country.

Here are a few links to key articles that we have posted in the past month.

Link 1

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reading All Things Omani!

Let's start with the map! Many people have asked about the geography of Oman, where is it? What is there to do and see?

Oman is a beautiful country with an interesting history and present day story. Tourism is very recent as well as drive-able roads.

The Lonely Planet Guide was a helpful read, but we preferred the Bradt Guide's suggestions and narrations more often.

Oman has some great websites for suggestions of things to do and see.

We visited Nizwa and Salalah. These cities gave us a feel for the variety of landscapes and people.

I give Oman high marks! Read up on this fascinating country!
Maybe you too will decide to visit!