Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blogs are Part of My Reading Diet: A Sampling of Blogs I Read In January

You will see a long list of blogs that I enjoy reading on this website. Here are a few new ones I have added this month to the longer lists. Blogs are a great way to read something quick and short. You can also find new connections through them for more infomation on a topic.

Enjoy the blogs, bloggers and readers. Happy blogging and blog reading.

A new blog- funny.

A blogger finding something to do with their time.

This blog was sent to me on Martin Luther King Jr Day.

A blog doing good in the world!

Blogs in Spanish that were recommended and found through other blogs.

Blog about Reading.

This a blog by a beloved poet.

Here is a blog about family.

Favorite writers blog.

Writers recommend blogs.

Read a blog, write a blog- send a blog to someone who will love it! Blog, blog blog blog, blogging.

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