Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's a New Year: My Daily Reading Life in January 2010

This new year I have read many articles. I started this blog out thinking that I could really document my whole reading life- Wow. I guess I read a lot. I don't like nor agree with all that I read. Some of it I pass on, but not all. I've selected a few articles (ha-ha) this month that I read and think you should read too! Each for its own reason.

#1 This month Sara Barron gave another book reading. The ABC just really loved her book!

#2 Barb kept me updated on the reality TV gossip and latest. How wrong, wrong, wrong. And he is a teacher. No worries, Barb has an upcoming post she is contributing about her own reading life.

#3 Laurie Sandell writes memoir (graphic novels), writes for glamour, and freelances on a variety of topics like cooking. Another ABC favorite.

#4 My friend Katie keeps me updated on some good new hip eateries in NYC! April- from iron chef- has a new place! Check out. It sounds amazing!

#5 Other articles about food- for the foodie out there!

#6 My friend, Adam, posted this article by Stephen Elliot about how hard the books selling world really is. Adam has just written, Viral Loop, an extraordinary book about the stories of businesses spreading viral-ly through the Internet. Great read! Elliot is a great author himself . I got to see him read at The Happy Ending Reading Series in NYC. Pick up both books and read the article! link to first post

#7 We lost many people in January. three stand out to me because they made such an impression upon me.,,

#8 I am forever reading about politics about the war and the peace we have in this world.

#9 This is a beautiful post about the importance of story. It reminded me also of Chimamanda and her beautiful talk at the ted conference. Stories matter.

#10 This is a great piece about Greg Mortensen. His story and his work is so important- for adults and kids to think about. Go to this BLOG and think about how to connect with kids about his work.

#11 This was a piece written by Bono for the New Year.

#12 I'm always interested in articles and pieces about bringing peace everywhere, especially in the Middle East.

#13 For educators out there and people supporting schools and education:

#14 More on Haiti. Trying to stay updated. Trying to help in whatever way I can. There is a beautiful reading and discussion from Junot Diaz about Edwidge Danticat's work.

February I will try to post more frequently the articles I read so that they feel more current and connected. Happy reading to you in February.

Post your favorite articles you read this month and/or that you posted or gave to others. What do we need to read? Post it here!

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