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My Daily Reading Life: December 2009

On a daily basis I read many articles on the Internet. I read blogs and news organizations (like the BBC) every morning. On the weekends I catch up with the parts that I haven't read in the NYT and the Huffington Post. Facebook has become a new source of news. Collecting articles from my friends to read has opened me to topics and new sources of information that I hadn't necessarily expected. Reading the links that my friends post- has become a new part of my reading diet. Here are some examples of posts that friends suggested reading.
Looking back at the variety also allows me to look back and think about some of the major events or topics in that time.

#1 Feminist books for five-year-olds is an article my friend Barb sent me. It gives a list of books for kids that try to fight against stereotypes.

#2 For my birthday two years ago my friend Lori gave me a gift of a donation to Kiva: A microbank to help give loans to people to fund their small businesses. I often read their website and information. Reading about microbanks are important- especially in this economic climate. A few years ago, Muhammad Yunus, won the peace prize about his work on microbanks! Loans not only change but save lives.

#3 Mathew Rushing Creates 1920's Tribute for Alvin Ailey- I love dance and I love Alvin Ailey! One of my favorite dance troupes. If you get a chance- you should try and see them perform.

#4 Message to Obama: You Can't Have Muhammad Ali: This is a great article about the war. It comments on the troop surge in Afghanistan. Muhammad Ali stood for peace- he was an anti-war activist. Obama, while he won the Peace Prize, the public is still awaiting- when the wars will end.

#5 Understanding Obama's educational policy is not easy to follow. While it does differ from Bush, it is not as progressive as many educators would like to see. Amy Goodman on Democracy Now is one of my favorite journalists of all time. You can hear in NY on 99.5.

Obama's Choice for Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, Seen as Compromise Between Divided Strands

#6 The Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn NY was having a book drive. So I read about the organization they were donating too. I love reading about new organizations and how they help others.

#7 Same sex marriage in the United States in 2009 was in the news since it was in front of the courts and the voters. Many states disappointed the community. Some passed a same sex marriage bill for equality. This was a great article: Mexico City Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage in the NYTimes.

#8 Have you read Howard Zinn? He is one of America's leading historian, most famous for writing a People's History. The History Channel has now produced a live series so that the history can be spread to more of 'the people'.

#9 In Essays, Author Zadie Smith Reveals Her Process. Zadie is one of my favorite authors. She won my heart in White Teeth- like so many of us. Books about writing process are some of my favorites. I gave this book to my sister for the holidays, hoping that she finishes by the next time I go up to visit with her.

#10 My friend from college, Amanda Stern, posted links to Stacked Up. While technically you don't 'read' stacked up, you 'watch' it, I am still including it because it is a great site to go to. There are interviews of writers like Susan Orlean of the Orchard Thief, Laurie Sandell, The Imposter's Daughter and my friend, Amanda Stern of the Long Haul. The interviews take place in the homes of the writers who give us a 'tour of books' in their living/working spaces. They ask things like, What are your top picks of books you would take to a desert island. It is a fun site!

#11 Maureen Corrigan's Best Books Of 2009. I love lists at the end of the year! Especially book lists of suggestions for us to read! Here is just one that my friend Maggie sent to me!

#12 The last text that was posted in 2009 was from my other friend Maggie. It was a poem written by Naomi Shihab Nye, "Wandering Around an Albuquerque Airport Terminal".

Books to read, reflections on the writing and artistic process, political issues: in marriage, education, war and in books! Enjoy some new websites, blogs, and topics!

What are some of the interesting topics that your friends post? Let us know here.

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