Friday, July 30, 2010

What Can You Be Reading? Here are Some Good Picks!

Here are a couple of links to some pieces of literature and podcasts that I posted on facebook recently for you to read and check.

I posted a short story by Johnathan Franzen, a favorite writer of mine. This is his story he wrote for the New Yorker.

I also posted a podcast of Monica Ali (Brick Lane, loved it! You should read it!) reading and commenting on Joshua Ferris' short story, The Dinner Party. Joshua Ferris' first book, Then We Came to the End, is one of my friend Barb's favorite books she read this year.

Both The New Yorker and the NYTimes like to give the world a heads up on new/young/cool/hip/wonderful writers to check out and read. Here is a list of each that will hopefully feed you with new ideas and authors to read!

Of course the Orange Prize was announced this year. Barbara Kingslover won for La Lacuna, an amazing novel! There are other wonderful authors to read and check out the award list!

I hope this keeps you rolling!
Enjoy the reads!

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