Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bumming More Books

As you know I'm low on reading materials. Ian generously lent me his book, The Lost City of Z by David Grann. Before Costa Rica, Ian was travelling in Peru and trekked into the Amazon. To prepare for his journey he read Grann's book- both an account of the journalist's trek into the amazon as well as Fawcett's journey. Fawcett, a turn of the century trekker. As I began to read the book- laying poolside- sitting at the beach - and sipping coffee on my 'veranda' I think- that was brave- because if I read that book, pre my journey into the amazon- I don't think I would do it!

Grann's book is not only well written, with layered stories, but covers hundreds of years of history of the amazon.

The author makes a similar journey to find the city Z, that Fawcett took in the 20's. It is gripping, funny, and informative. A great read.

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