Friday, July 23, 2010

Anusara Yoga

So. Here I am in Santa Teresa Costa Rica. I'm on a yoga retreat with a couple of teachers who are teaching Anusara Yoga (Michele Baker and Kelly Haas). Ironically enough- this weekend in the NYTimes magazine section there is a huge article about John Friend- founder of Anasura. I have actually never heard of him truly until this retreat- and now of course feel like I've definitely experienced his branch/brand of yoga. How funny and what timing now to read a huge article about him in the nytimes-

It's an interesting article- I enjoy the perspective of the journalist- and find these issues and arguments interesting to contemplate and consider.

You can find the article online now- I just don't have the link on my phone- or know how to embed it- when I figure something out I will- until then... Happy reading to u!

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Location:Costa Rica

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