Saturday, February 13, 2010

What's Coming Up?

This weekend I am so tired. Before I start working (yes I have to work on this Saturday and Sunday) I am going to read! I'm on to my new book, Girl Trouble. I know... deep for VALENTINE'S DAY. But I gotta get a new book rolling!

Barb passed it to me and she is moving on to Zadie's essays. After we finish, then we'll both read, Beneath the Lions Gaze.
I can't wait to read Zadie as well. Probably in March (since that is when I will see my sister next and grab it from her shelves!) Guess who else recently (10/2009) published some more essays? My favorite- Arundati Roy.

The book shelves in my virtual room are stacking up close to the imaginary ceiling. Oh how the list is ever growing! So much to read! As my friend Audra says, not enough hours in the day!

The line up is getting long!

The love is strong.


1 comment:

  1. Why are you working all weekend??

    I should be reading more this weekend but I am cleaning. Do you know how desperately my reading self wanted those six snow days that DC had?