Tuesday, February 9, 2010


There have been many articles recently in the news about the
national education policies emerging.
We will have to watch carefully as these bills and policies
begin to unfold.
'No Child' should what? "Be left behind" or "tested to death"?
What happened to just educating
children and putting that first?

the author argues that real rigorous curriculum that is based on
learning rather than passing a test helps to build stronger skills.

An overhaul is definitely in order, but which things will be overhauled and into which direction? Here are some different perspectives about lessons learned from No Child. My friend Maggie posted an interview Campbell Brown did with Arnie Duncan. The major idea you come away with is "test". I did like how Brown didn't just let him off the hook. But 'better tests" kept coming up as the answer.

Read, watch, and listen carefully. Think critically. We need the best curriculum for kids- hopefully one that encourages kids to think and problem solve- rather than just memorize.

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