Monday, February 8, 2010

The ABC Reads About China

I was in Union Square, needing to waste some time. I walked into Barnes and Noble and began browsing at their tables in the front entrance. I came upon a book by Rachel DeWoskin, repeat after me. Her name sounded so familiar. I picked up the book, looking at the jacket for a bio a picture, something. I did some quick research. It turns out that Rachel is from my hometown in Michigan and graduated high school the same year as me. I asked my friend Sasha if she knew her. She told me they were friends and have recently connected on Facebook!

So I decided to read the book. It’s about a young English Language teacher in NYC- living right by Columbia. The teacher falls in love with a Chinese student. I really enjoyed the book. It has love, mystery, and history all rolled into one.

I decided to get her first book (sometimes I work backwards): Foreign

Babes in Bejing. This is her account of living in Bejing right after college. She was casted into a popular soap opera called, Foreign Babes in Bejing. It is a close in look at her interesting life as an ex pat in China, while still giving you a sense of life and culture in Bejing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I passed this on to the ABC. It is making the rounds. I also sent both of them to China as a gift to a friend living in Guangzhou!

Enjoy the read!

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