Monday, February 1, 2010

Unnamed: Preparing for a Reading

On February 10th, Joshua Ferris will be giving a reading. The ABC is going to attend. I asked my friend if she had read The Unnamed yet. She said that she would have it read by the evening of the reading. I told her that the reading was in a week in a half. She thought again (she is in the middle of Girl Trouble).

So, instead, we have been reading articles about his new book and about Joshua Ferris to prepare ourselves for the reading. It looks like I will have two more books that will join my virtual stack of books on my nightstand.

Here are a few articles, that I have read, to begin to prepare myself for a lovely literary evening.

Article 4 about books in other posts. Including Girl Trouble.

If you read his book, post here your thoughts. If you have anything that will help for our preparation, let us know! Post the links for all.


  1. your friend sounds like one smart lady. just saying.