Monday, March 1, 2010

Articles I Posted on Facebook in February

Photo By Daniel Galan

Become a fan on Facebook of 'Reading Myself Into The World'. I have been posting all month other artciles that I read on our Facebook site. Feel free to browse the fan page as well as the blog! There will reminders when new posts are added! You can also follow us on Twitter- if you prefer- 'Readingmyself'. You may decide to follow the blog on Blogger! It can be sent to your account- each time there is a new posting! You decide.

Here are things I posted on Facebook that never made the blog.

Keeping it Green Blog

I Speak Soccer- Film about traveling the globe to learn about pick up soccer and cultural norms.

Holly Miranda- Singer. Cover of Lauryn Hill song.

Suheir's poetry reading at the Palestinian Festival of Literature.

Laurie Sandell interviews a famous star in LA.

Shani Davis- Went for the Gold!

Happy Reading To You.

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