Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guest Blogger: Raimi

Fellow Blogger, "Raimi" brings us her favorite author of the summer, Anne Lamott. Follow Raimi on her own blog, Think Big! It is a thoughtful and creative blog. It is very reflective and meant to challenge the mind and spirit. Enjoy her blog.

Enjoy her post here.

When I think of Anne Lamott I think of how great it is that there is someone just as neurotic in this world as me. Then I think of ways I can be as witty, funny, and vivid as her through my writing. My summer reading has taken me into Annie's world. I started by devouring two of her acclaimed memoirs/collections of essays on her spiritual life, “Traveling Mercies” and “Grace Eventually”. More specifically, these books focus on Lamott's journey into Christianity. She takes us into glimpses of her life that are incredibly vivid and hilarious. She sprinkles the truth in between laughs.

If anything Lamott teaches us to take a closer look, to pay attention, to laugh at our often absurd moments. She shows us how to notice our imperfections with compassion and not let them get in the way of that wonderful person that is trying to be born from our past and present. There is something so genuine about her writing; I doubt anyone could say otherwise. She is not trying to persuade you into her Christian faith, just presenting her truth. Lamott’s truth is presented sometimes in a charming and poetic manner and at times so frankly you cant deny your heart skipped a beat because of how well she nailed an aspect of your own character.

I still have not had my fill of Lamott. I am currently reading “Bird by Bird”, her praised book on writing, and next up will be her work in fiction. And although my review might paint her work in a slightly self help-ish hue, the difference is self-help has instructions, while good literature teaches you your own personal lesson. Whichever lesson it is you choose to take with you, that is what Lamott's memoirs have to offer her readers.

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