Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Have We Been Reading About on Facebook: #1

Hi Friends,

I want to keep you updated on what articles we have been reading on facebook. Feel free to check out our Fan Page (Reading Myself Into The World) and find more interesting articles and posts to read. You can follow us on Twitter if you rather (everything posted on facebook automatically posts to Twitter. I love technology).

Here are some articles and blogs posted by people who are friends of mine that we read in March and April! We hope you enjoy reading them too! Pass these along to your friends and family.

My friend Adam has two interesting posts. One is a review of his new book Viral Loop (which you all should read today) and the second is an article he wrote about starting up new businesses during a recession.

My friend Sara has an interesting article written about her and her family in the Washington Post. We have written about Sara a few times in our blog. This article talks about the fundraising she and her family are doing to bring books to schools in South Africa. It is well worth a read about their education project.

Miriam has posted some great suggestions of films we should see about the environment. Miriam also has a wonderful post on her blog about The Cove. If you haven't seen that- it's a must. It won best documentary this year at the Oscars.

One of my students, from the first class I ever taught, has a new blog out called, Think Big. She is on a journey to keep herself happy and to write and reflect on it! There are some inspirational tips to keep yourself going as well! Show your support and follow Raimi!

As we celebrate poetry month, hopefully we are reading poetry. I am. I have been reading my friend Craig's poetry blog, brainsmoke.

My friend Liz has started blogging for Lucky Magazine about fashion. Read and comment on her blog about Linen Pants.

Katie has returned to her cat blog. She is now taking photographs of cats (her cats mostly) and matching them with films. Funny.

Lastly my friend Kate posted these beautiful photos which we have been sharing and commenting on! Enjoy the photos.

I hope you find some great reading material here. I sure did.

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